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String Rotation in Java - Write a Program to check if strings are rotations of each other or not

String based algorithmic questions are very popular in Java interviews e.g. checking if two String is the anagram of each other, or checking if given String is a palindrome, or just finding permutations of given String. One of such popular String based interview questions is about to check if two Strings are a rotation of each other in Java. In order to solve this question, you should know what is String rotation? Well, A string is made of characters and you just rotate the String around any character e.g. "programming" will become "ingprogramm" if we rotate the String on trailing character 3 times. A k-rotation on a string takes the trailing k characters of the string and attaches it to the beginning of the string in the same order. You can rotate the String either in the clock wise (right from the top) or anti-clockwise(left from the top). The string can also be rotated in one go e.g. "123456" will become "456123" if we rotate 456 to the left around character "3".


Write a program to check if two given String s1 and s2 are rotations of another. For example if s1 = "IndiaUSAEngland" and s2= "USAEnglandIndia" then your program should return true but if s2="IndiaEnglandUSA" then it should return false.

For the purpose of this program, you can assume that Strings are rotated on the right side, but you should ask this question to your interviewer before jumping into the solution. Paying attention to such details score brownie points on real Interview. Remember, attention to details is one of the desired quality for software engineers.


The simplest solution of this complex problem is to concatenate the String with itself and check if the given rotation exists in this concatenated String. If it exists then the second string is a rotation of the first string.

Btw, before concatenating String, you should also first check the length of the two String. If they are of different length than two strings are definitely not the rotation of each other, but if they have the same length then you need to check further. This will result in faster solution because checking length is faster than checking if a substring exists in the given String.

Here is the exact algorithm to check if One String is a rotation of another:

1) check length of two strings, if length is not same then return false
2) concatenate given string to itself
3) check if rotated version of String exists in this concatenated string
4) if yes, then second String is rotated version of first string

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Java Program to check if One String Rotation of Another

import java.util.Scanner; 
* Java Program to check if one String is rotation of 
* another. 

public class Main { 

    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { 
              Scanner scnr = new Scanner(;                
              System.out.println("Please enter original String"); 
              String input = scnr.nextLine(); 
              System.out.println("Please enter rotation of String"); 
              String rotation = scnr.nextLine(); 
              if (checkRotatation(input, rotation)) { 
                  System.out.println(input + " and " + rotation + " are rotation of each other"); 
              } else { 
                  System.out.println("Sorry, they are not rotation of another"); 

* This method check is given strings are rotation of each other 
* @param original 
* @param rotation 
* @return true or false 

public static boolean checkRotatation(String original, String rotation) { 
             if (original.length() != rotation.length()) { 
                 return false; 

             String concatenated = original + original; 

             if (concatenated.indexOf(rotation) != -1) { 
                 return true; 

             return false; 

Please enter original String
Please enter rotation of String
Sorry, they are not rotation of another

Sorry, they are not rotation of another
Please enter rotation of String
IndiaVsEngland and EnglandIndiaVs are rotation of each other

You can see that when a user enters "IndiaVsAustralia" and "AustraliaVsIndia" then our program return false because they are not a rotation of each other, but, when the user enters "IndiaVsEngland" and "EnglandIndiaVs" then our program returns true because here two strings are the rotation of each other.

That's all about how to check if one String is a rotation of another in Java. As I said, the simplest way to solve this problem is to concatenate String with itself and check if rotation exists in the concatenated String or not. If it exists, it means they are a rotation of each other. If not, the first string is not a rotation of other.

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