1Z0-543: Oracle Application Integration Architecture 11g Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-543

Exam Title: Oracle Application Integration Architecture 11g Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-543 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Application Integration Architecture 11g Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-543
Exam Product Version AIA
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 105 minutes
Number of Questions 70
Passing Score 70%
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against 11g
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-543 Online Practice Exam
Recommended Training Oracle Application Integration Architecture 11g Implementation Boot Camp

Oracle 1Z0-543 Certification Topics:

Introduction to Application Integration Architecture (AIA)
  • Describe the AIA Concepts & Products 
  • Explain the AIA Value Proposition  
  • Explain Types of Integrations Supported by AIA  
  • Explain typical AIA Project Lifecycle  
  • Outline AIA Product Strategy, Availability and Roadmap 
Enterprise Mediation (EBO, EBS, EBM) 
  • Describe Enterprise Business Objects
  • Describe Enterprise Business Services 
  • Describe Enterprise Business Messages 
  • Describe Service Construction 
  • Outline SOA Development Lifecycle
Functional Design of an Integration 
  • Create a new AIA Project
  • Add an existing service into an AIA Project 
  • Create a new service solution component request 
  • Analyze the Participating Application Connectivity Technology 
  • Define the Deployment Strategy
Technical Design of an Integration
  • Introduce Technical Components of an AIA Project
  • Analyze the ABM to EBM mapping 
  • Design the EBSs 
  • Design the EBFs 
  • Design the ABCSs
Business Process Orchestration
  • Describe Concepts of Business Process Orchestration
  • Create an Enterprise Business Flows (EBF) 
  • Create a Composite Business Processes (CBP) 
  • Update existing EBFs and/or CBPs
Governing SOA Development Lifecycle
  • Explain Functional Decomposition
  • Create Services using Service Constructor  
  • Generate Bill-of-material & Deployment Plan  
  • Install & Deploy AIA Artifacts  
  • Identify Assets in Oracle Enterprise Repository (OER)
Service Deployment
  • Explain AIA Deployment Plan
  • Create a Bill of Materials  
  • Create a Deployment Plan  
  • Package Integration Solution (PIP)  
  • Deploy AIA Content Manually 
Annotating and Harvesting AIA Artifacts
  • Describe Annotation and Harvesting
  • Annotate a Service  
  • Harvest a Service (to OER)  
Testing & Maintenance
  • Describe Test & Maintain AIA Integrations
  • Create CAVS Simulators  
  • Describe Versioning 
  • Describe AIA Error Handling & Logging 
  • Describe AIA Guaranteed Message Delivery
Implementation Best Practices
  • Outline a typical AIA Project Plan and Methodology
  • Describe AIA Implementation Governance  
  • Discuss AIA Implementation Methods, Planning and Estimating 
  • Describe Integrating with Oracle Applications using AIA 
  • Describe Integrating with Legacy and 3rd Party Apps
Advanced AIA Implementation Topics
  • Discuss Advanced SOA Design Patterns and Security
  • Discuss Cluster Topologies and Installation  
  • Discuss Development Tools and Resources 
  • Discuss Sizing and Coding for Performance 
  • Describe AIA B2B Support
Upgrading and Migrating from previous versions of AIA
  • Explain AIA Upgrade and Migration Scenarios
  • Upgrade AIA Technology Stack  
  • Migrate AIA Artifacts 
  • Discuss AIA Migration Strategies and Approaches 
  • Describe the AIA Migration Flow

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