1Z0-542: Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-542

Exam Title: Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-542 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle WebCenter Content 11g Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-542
Exam Product Version WebCenter Content
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 74
Passing Score 72% 
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against release 11.1.8.
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-542: Online Practice Exam
Recommended Training Stellent: Using Content Server
Oracle Content Server 11g: Administration
Oracle Stellent 10g R3: Site Studio Fundamentals
Oracle Stellent 10gR3: Universal Records Management
Oracle Stellent 10gR3: Information Rights Management
Oracle Imaging and Process Management 11g: Administration
Oracle Document Capture Product Information
Oracle Digital Asset Management Product Information

Oracle 1Z0-542 Certification Topics:

Oracle WebCenter Content Concepts
  • Describe WebCenter Content Concepts
  • Differentiate Oracle WebCenter Content within the Oracle portfolio and competitors
  • Describe the basic product history and road map for future development.
  • Explain file storage vs. database storage options
  • Explain available access channels to WebCenter Content
WebCenter Content System Architecture
  • Describe the system architecture model.
  • Explain the architectural options for a highly available architecture
  • Describe the backup, recovery, and disaster recovery options
  • Outline the system requirements needed to build the solution.
  • Describe integration options and technology used by the solution
  • Explain design considerations for system sizing
Installation and Configuration
  • Install the WebLogic Server ready for WebCenter Content
  • Create Oracle WebCenter Content Schemas with the repository creation utility Capitalization
  • Install Oracle WebCenter Content Suite
  • Create and configure a WebLogic Domain for WebCenter Content
  • Extend and configure a WebLogic Domain with Oracle Inbound Refinery
  • Create and configure a WebLogic Domain for WebCenter Content User Interface
Developing with WebCenter Content
  • Explain available customization options for Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Integrate with Content Server using Remote Intradoc Client (RIDC)
  • Integrate with Content Server using WebServices
Productized Integrations with Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Implement integration with Spaces/Portal
  • Implement integration with EBS Adapter
  • Implement integration with Siebel Adapter
  • Implement integration with PeopleSoft Adapter
  • Implement integration with WebCenter Imaging
  • Describe the Desktop Integration Suite
  • Configure the Oracle Sharepoint Adapter
  • Describe Content Server Security
  • Implement a role-based security model
  • Implement an account-based security model
  • Implement authorization and authentication integration
Oracle Content Server & Document Management
  • Implement a metadata model
  • Manage metadata using rules
  • Customize content pages using profiles
  • Configure Oracle Content Server
  • Contribute content via various methods
  • Describe the workflow concept
  • Use workflow and templates
  • Manage content and subscriptions content
  • Migrate a system and troubleshoot
  • Configure Framework Folders
  • Implement search capabilities
  • Explain WebCenter Content administration options
Records Management
  • Explain the records management concept
  • Implement the File Plan and define Disposition Instructions 
  • Check in records and non-record content for retention
  • Search for record and non-record retained content
  • Administer Universal Records Manager
  • Implement a Rights Management security model
  • Use Triggers, Periods, and Freezes
  • Schedule tasks
  • Describe audit trails
  • Configure related content: linking records
  • Describe records management adapters used for integration
  • Compare physical records management with Records Management
  • Explain the imaging and process management concept
  • Apply metadata, security, and version control to images
  • Integrate with ERP and document scanning, and capture solutions
  • Annotate and mark up images
  • Automate routing and approvals
  • Use e-Forms for data gathering and verifications
  • Build Business Process Management (BPM) processes
  • Implement WebCenter Forms Recognition
  • Explain the usage of BPEL/BPM for integration
  • Explain WebCenter Capture (ODC) Concept
  • Install Document Capture
  • Create workspace (file cabinet)
  • Create scan profile
  • Create index profile
  • Use OCR Zone Editor
  • Configure commit profiles
  • Describe Commit Server
  • Describe Recognition Server
  • Describe Import Server
  • Use Oracle Forms Recognition
Oracle Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Explain DAM Concept
  • Install a supporting converter
  • Define rendition set for Flip Factory For Video Conversion and Image Magix or Image Alchemy for Image Conversion
  • Define a rendition set
  • Configure additional or new rendition sets
Oracle WebCenter Content Add On Product Features
  • Configure Dynamic Converter
  • Implement Content Folios
  • Implement Content Tracker
  • Implement Electronic Signatures
  • Implement PDF Watermark
  • Configure Content Categorizer

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