1Z0-482: Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-482

Exam Title: Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-482 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle Data Integrator 11g Certified Implementation Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-482
Exam Product Version Data Integrator (ODI)
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 71
Passing Score 70% 
Validated Against: This exam is validated against 11g.
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-482 Online Practice Exam
Recommended Training Oracle Data Integrator 11g: Integration and Administration
Oracle Data Integrator 11g: Advanced Integration and Development
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Match and Parse
Oracle Enterprise Data Quality: Profile, Audit and Operate

Oracle 1Z0-482 Certification Topics:

Introduction to Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • Describe the benefits of ODI (including ODI architecture - Extract Load Transform) and it's typical use cases
  • Describe the ODI components and their uses
Architecture Overview
  • Describe ODI Architecture
  • Install and Configure the physical and logical architecture
  • Explain the Fusion Middleware Components - Upgrade Assistant, Repository Creation Utility and Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) Components  and High Availability
ODI Models and Datastores
  • Create ODI datastores
  • Create and organize ODI Models
  • Reverse engineer the metadata
  • Explain ODI constraints
  • Configure auditing
  • Install and configure Data validation
Project Development
  • Create a project within ODI
  • Explain ODI interface
  • Describe the concepts of mapping, join, and filter and the process of implementing business rules as well as the concepts of staging area and execution location
  • Create and execute a basic ODI Interface
  • Create lookups
  • Design ODI interfaces with multiple-source datastores
  • Create joins and lookups, and filter data
  • Configure the flow in the ODI Interface, specify the ODI Interface, staging area and execution location
  • Modify and develop knowledge modules
  • Describe what happens at run time
  • Monitor the execution of interfaces
  • Troubleshoot run-time errors in interfaces, prevent errors by following the best practices when designing interfaces
  • Configure the use of business rules, variables and set-based operators and use data sets and sequences
  • Use partitioning, temporary indexes, and temporary interfaces
  • Use user functions and substitution methods
Managing Execution
  • Use ODI packages to create a complete workflow
  • Use variables in packages (refresh, startup parameters).
  • Create package steps of different types
  • Execute and monitor a package
  • Define complex workflows in ODI packages involving branches and loops
  • Generate and regenerate an ODI scenario
  • Use the load plan editor to define a load plan
  • Design a sequence of hierarchical steps for the load plan
  • Create Packages and Load Plans 
  • Manage exceptions with Load Plans
  • Configure Load Plans to restart child sessions
Integrating OGG with ODI
  • Describe the purpose of Changed Data Capture (CDC) with ODI and the types of CDC implementations possible with ODI
  • Deploy Goldengate CDC with ODI
  • Perform journalizing
  • Interpret and troubleshoot the results of CDC
Doing more with ODI
  • Describe the ODI Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Describe ODI Web-Based Components
  • Explain the role of ODI in Big Data
  • Describe the role of ODI in BI integration 
Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) Profiling
  • Describe the ways where ODI and EDQ can share architecture components (infrastructure, sources and targets, etc)
  • Configure EDQ to work with Data Stores, Snapshots, Staged Data, Exports
  • Explain basic statistics from data
  • Describe the tracking of changing data from same data stores (trends)
  • Describe profiling results and the use of Resultbooks and Publish features
EDQ Batch Processing
  • Explain the parsing process and referencing review results
  • Perform a matching process, identify duplicated records, balance performance and duplicate detection accuracy
  • Explain address verification and Address Verification statistics
  • Create the main job that includes all processes that were created and invoke it from ODI

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