1Z0-430: Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials

Exam Number: 1Z0-430

Exam Title: Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials

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Oracle 1Z0-430 Certification Details:

Exam Name Oracle WebCenter Portal Essentials
Exam Code 1Z0-430
Exam Product Version WebCenter Portal
Exam Price USD $245
Duration 120 minutes
Number of Questions 80
Passing Score 78% 
Validated Against: This exam has been validated against Oracle WebCenter Portal
Format Multiple Choice
Recommended Practice 1Z0-430: Online Practice Exam

Oracle 1Z0-430 Certification Topics:

Oracle WebCenter Portal Concepts
  • Describe WebCenter Portal Concepts
  • Differentiate public web sites and enterprise portals
  • Describe Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities within WebCenter
  • Describe Composite Applications
  • Describe Personalization and Customization
  • Explain the Portal development methodology
WebCenter Portal System Architecture
  • Describe the system architecture model, including a reference architecture
  • Explain the options available for a highly available architecture
  • Describe the backup and disaster recovery options
  • Outline the system requirements needed to build the solution, including core dependencies
  • Describe integration options and technology used by the solution
  • Explain design considerations for system sizing
  • Describe Portal security
Portal Builder
  • Describe Portal Builder, Resource Catalog and Catalog Filters
  • Create a Portal template
  • Create a Portal based on a template
  • Create Portal Pages
  • Create and Manage the Resources Catalogs
Integrating Content
  • Configure and Customize the Document Library
  • Configure and use Content Presenter
  • Use Content Repository Based Data Controls (using JCR standard)
  • Use the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) API
  • Describe the concepts of a content presenter template
  • Create a new content presenter template in JDeveloper
  • Publish and leverage a new content presenter template in Portal Builder
Navigation Menus
  • Describe basic navigation menus and how they can be customized
  • Create a menu structure
  • Create links
  • Describe options for mobility
  • Explain how to use page variants and when to use Responsive Design
  • Create device groups and devices
  • Develop a mobile variant portal page
  • Leverage Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile with WebCenter Portal
  • Describe the social components in WebCenter Portal
  • Configure document collaboration
  • Add social components to a portal page
Portal Development
  • Describe the difference between Task Flow, Portlet and Pagelets in Portal
  • Use Oracle JDeveloper to build and deploy Portal assets
  • Build a portlet, and consume it in Portal
  • Explain JavaServer Faces (JSF), ADF Faces Rich Client, ADF Business Components
  • Build an ADF Task Flow using Business Components
  • Wire components together (shared parameters, interportlet communication etc)
  • Use Expression Language
  • Customize a Task Flow 
  • Set up Runtime Editing with Customization Components
  • Explain the concepts of a portal skin
  • Modify an existing skin using JDeveloper
  • Publish and use a new portal skin to Portal Builder
Page Template
  • Describe the concepts of a page template
  • Create a new page template and style in JDeveloper
  • Publish and leverage a new page template in Portal Builder
Integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  • Describe how to configure and use OBIEE with Portal
  • Configure and use OBIEE in Portal
  • Leverage Contextual Events
Integration with Oracle Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Configure and use BPM with Portal
  • Create a Freevo form, add to a portal page, and trigger a process
Integration with Oracle EBusiness Suite (EBS)
  • Describe the EBS integration with Portal
  • Develop a task flow using SOA Composite to integrate with EBS
  • Publish a task flow and use on a portal page
Best Practices for Portal Deployment
  • Use the Performance and Diagnostics tools
  • Export/Import the WebCenter Applications

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